2. Beloved Syria: Second Edition – Winter 2017

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About the Magazine

Beloved Syria aims to do more than reveal the beauty of Syria, the depth of its history and culture, and the renown graciousness of its people.

Syrians express a great love for their country, a deep affection that indicates their links to the land and its ancient history. We hope the magazine can stimulate conversations about identity and attachment to the country. What leads people from diverse faith and ethnic backgrounds to feel a sense of unity, one that is charitable?

Since their country connects continents, ‘Syrians’ have suffered occupations and wars for millennia.  Many of us would have distant ancestors that passed through the land we now call Syria.

1. Beloved Syria: Syrian Perspectives – Spring 2016

Beloved Syria 2016

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About The Magazine

The first issue of the magazine ‘Beloved Syria – Considering Syrian Perspectives’ was published in September 2016. It was a labor of love for Syrian refugee Norma Medawar and her first English teacher in Australia, who provided the photographs. Although modest, it has been featured in the media, being in SBS and ABC news reports, and it has even received a special mention in the Victorian Parliament. There are now eight women committed to producing the second issue, which will include more voices of Syrians, both in Syria and Australia. It is a life-style magazine that aims to contribute to social harmony and peace. The magazine could serve as a meeting point for Syrians and non-Syrians, a place where Syria and its people are presented with great respect and love. The editors wish to make the magazine freely available so it can reach a wide audience. Beloved Syria aims to present the Syria beloved by its people, a Syria that can remind us of our shared humanity. A Pozible crowd funding campaign will be running for the whole of April 2017 to enable the publication and distribution of ‘Beloved Syria’. We hope you are in a position to support us.

Spring 2016 Magazine Comments

‘There is a great danger when presented daily with the tragic, incomprehensible events in Syria ? the appalling destruction thrust upon the Syrian people and their culture ? that we become anaesthetised to the suffering. This timely magazine reminds us all that Syria and her people are not just the crumpled buildings and desolation we see nightly on television, but an ancient culture demanding our respect and support through a very dark moment in its history. ‘

– Bryan Dawe

‘This beautifully presented magazine exudes a sense of calm that’s so welcome. To hear Syrians’ own voices is a balm, bringing back their generosity, vivacity, and focus on humanity ahead of all other things. Their voices are a timely reminder that these conflicts grossly insult and demean us all.’

– Dr Fiona Hill


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